LoQuM: LOgistic regression tool for calibrating the QUality of short read Mappings

LoQuM assigns reliable mapping quality scores to mappings of Illumina reads returned by an alignment tool. It uses the following features to estimate the probability that a read is mapped to the correct location:

LoQuM has been tested on the following alignment tools:


Source Code

The full version history is available through the Git version control system:

git clone git://github.com/mruffalo/loqum.git

Tags in this repository are signed with Matthew Ruffalo's GPG key (fingerprint FF01 0726 CBC6 6DBD E521 5B85 222C 6D4B 11EA AB0E).

Other Downloads

LoQuM Training Data


Funding: This work was supported by National Science Foundation Award IIS-0916102 and National Cancer Institute Grant No. R01CA131341.

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