Seal: SEquence ALignment evaluation suite

Seal is a comprehensive sequencing simulation and alignment tool evaluation suite. This software (implemented in Java) provides several utilities that can be used to evaluate alignment algorithms, including:

Seal has interfaces to evaluate the following software packages:




Source Code

A README.txt (containing usage instructions) is included in the archive.

The full version history is available through the Git version control system:

git clone git://

Tags in this repository are signed with Matthew Ruffalo's GPG key (fingerprint FF01 0726 CBC6 6DBD E521 5B85 222C 6D4B 11EA AB0E).

Other Downloads

Human Genome, 2 parts


This work was supported in part by National Science Foundation Award IIS-0916102.

I would like to thank the authors of the Apache log4j logging framework and the JCommander command-line argument parsing library.

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