About PhosphoEnrichment

PhosphoEnrichment is an ongoing project for comprehensive analysis of phosphoproteomics data.

The current version provides kinase-substrate enrichment analysis, and pathway enrichment analysis for a given set of proteins and sites.

PhosphoEnrichment uses MsigDB (Liberzon, et al., Bioinformatics, 2011) and PTMsigdb (Krug, et al, MCP, 2019) to perform pathway enrichment analysis at the protein and site level, respectively. For Kinase substrate Enrichment Analysis (KSEA), PhosphoXplorer uses the Kinase substrate associations provided by PhosphoSitePLUS (Hornbeck et al, NAR, 2015).

PhosphoEnrichment is implemented in MATLAB and can be run using MATLAB and also as an standalone software.