Robust Inference of Kinase Activity (RoKAI)

About RoKAI

RoKAI is a computation tool for inferring kinase activity in a robust manner using functional networks.

RoKAI operates on a heterogeneous network having kinases and phosphosites as nodes and available functional associations as edges, including protein-protein interactions, kinase-substrate annotations, co-evolution and structure distance evidence between phosphosites. The key idea of RoKAI is to propagate the phosphosite quantifications on this heterogeneous network to capture the coordinated changes in the signaling, which are used to infer the kinase activities in a more robust manner.

RoKAI is implemented in MATLAB and the source code is available from the Downloads page. To obtain the up-to-date version, please visit the Github page. If you are interested in performing RoKAI through a user-friendly online interface, please visit RoKAI Web Application.


Yılmaz S., Ayati M., Schlatzer D., Çiçek A. E., Chance M. R., Koyutürk M. (2021) Robust inference of kinase activity using functional networks. Nature Communications, 12 (1117).