Serhan Yılmaz
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
Department of Computer & Data Sciences
Case Western Reserve University


  • RoKAI: A computational tool for robust inference of kinase activities using functional networks. MATLAB.
  • RoKAI App : A web application for performing RoKAI through a user-friendly online interface.
  • Macarons: A fast algorithm to select a complementary subset of variants by avoiding redundant pairs that are in linkage disequilibrium. It can efficiently scale to the human genome with ~107 variants in a matter of minutes.
  • SPADIS: An algorithm for selecting a predictive and diverse SNP set in genome wide association studies (GWAS). Implemented in C++ and ported to MATLAB for easy access.
  • CrossTabulator : An R shiny based web application to perform cross-tabulation of input data easily. It is particularly designed to create demographics tables for use in scientific journals.
  • NetworkVisualizer : A graph visualization library in MATLAB to create some pretty network figures. It prevents the node overlaps in graph layout using an adapted Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm for variable node sizes. It features a pipe-like structure to make the figures easily customizable (similar to ggplot2 library in R).
  • Games/Hobby Projects

  • WRYLY : A web application implementing and extending a popular word game (known as Wordle) using R shiny.
    The game is available in two languages: English version, Turkish version.
  • Dota2HeroMatchup: A helper application (implemented in Java) for the online game Dota 2 to pick statistically winning heroes based on the current matchup (countering the heroes that the enemy team has picked). It uses weekly matchup data parsed from DotaBuff .